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If you've been using Visual Studio 2019, you know we've continued to focus on great experiences for software developers and continuous delivery at scale. As part of that effort, we've added support for the latest C# 8.0 language features, including nullable reference types, readonly types, and the new features in the.NET Core framework. We want to make sure that the changes we've made to the development environment—along with the visual experience enhancements and changes to the Visual Studio debugger—keep you productive. With the 16.1 release, we've continued to focus on improving the developer experience, and are excited to share the features that come with this update. [pullquote]You can download and try the new 16.1 release for Windows, Mac, and Linux today. You can also read about the new features that are coming in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.1. On Mac, you can open a Build configuration dialog and choose to build the Mac app bundle for iPhone or iPad. You can select the iOS simulator from the Mac app bundle menu. On Windows, you can open the Windows 10 app release portal and create a new "General" app release from the dashboard. This release portal is designed to help you deploy a Windows app to the Windows Store. [/pullquote] Let's dive into some of the major new features in Visual Studio 16.1. Nullable reference types and readonly types C# 8.0 adds support for nullable reference types. A nullable reference type is a reference type whose null value is a distinct value, but null is still a valid value for that type. These types include all reference types except string. Readonly types enable you to declare the value of a variable as readonly, ensuring that it will never be reassigned. For example, a string is an immutable value, which means it will never be changed. You can learn more about readonly types here. We've added support for the new nullable reference and readonly types to the Roslyn compiler in Visual Studio 16.1. You can read more about the compiler and other changes in this release here. Convert all types to nullable In addition to the new language features that were introduced in C# 8.0, we've added support for converting existing types to their respective nullable counterparts. When you convert a reference type to a nullable type, the nullable type is




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