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Who to Watch for in 2019: 1B Girls Track

We have reached the final section of runners to watch for in the 2019 track season. Hopefully you all have enjoyed getting to know each of the athletes mentioned in the first 11 pieces. With that being said, lets meet the 1B girls to watch for.

Hannah Funkhouser - Trout Lake

800, 1,600

Hannah Funkhouser (243). Photo from WIAA Twitter Page.

Hannah Funkhouser rose to dominance last spring winning both the 800 and 1,600 1B state titles as a freshman. Funkhouser ran personal best times of 2:22.61 and 5:14.81 to win her first of many high school state titles to come. She won a total of 17 track races last year. Funkhouser was also a leg on the third place 4x4 relay team for the Mustangs. Did not compete in the 1B/2B state cross meet this fall as a sophomore, but she did place third overall her freshman year. Funkhouser is in high contention to repeat as a state champion in the 800 and 1,600.

Rosalie Fish - Muckleshoot Tribe

1,600, 3,200

Rosalie Fish. Photo taken by Rachel Ciampi.

Having only lost one distance race her entire junior year, Rosalie Fish is in the hunt to repeat as the 1B 3,200 champion and potentially win her first 1,600 state title. Fish won the 3,200 state title easily last spring running 12:33.07 and beating the second place finisher by 19 seconds. She also finished in second behind Trout Lake's Funkhouser running a personal best of 5:24.52. In the fall, Fish placed third overall at the 1B/2B state cross meet in 19:29.2.

Elisabeth Perry - Oakesdale

800, 1,600

Elisabeth Perry. Photo from

Is there anything Elisabeth Perry can't do? Along with being a 800 and 1,600 runner, the Oakesdale junior is a leg on the 4x2 and 4x4 relay teams. Last spring, Perry placed fourth in the 800, third in the 1,600, and a member of the second place 4x2 and state champion 4x4 relay teams at the 1B state track meet. Her personal best 800 and 1,600 times are 2:27.82 and 5:40.62. Hands down, Perry is the best athlete in this group of girls.

Anais Mills - Garfield-Palouse

800, 1,600, 3,200

Anais Mills (1055). Photo from Whitman County Gazette.

Doesn't matter what level of track you run at, if you qualify for state in three events, you're a great runner like Anais Mills. As a sophomore, Mills placed fifth in the 800, the 1,600 and the 3,200 at the 1B state track meet. Ran two personal best times at the state meet in the 1,600 (5:48.35) and the 3,200 (13:10.59). Her best 800 time is 2:30.31. Mills made the podium in the fall at the 1B/2B state cross meet placing 16th overall in 20:51.7. Mills makes the case for a potential top three state placer in all three of her events if she were to qualify in all of them this spring.

Natalie Noel - Puget Sound Adventist

1,600, 3,200

Logo from Puget Sound Adventist Academy.

Natalie Noel is the second best returning 3,200 runner at the 1B level and didn't even make the state track meet last spring. She did, however, qualify for the 1,600 where she placed ninth overall in a time of 5:58.19. Noels personal best times are 5:45.12 and 12:30.78. Noel could easily place in the top three in the 3,200 at the state meet, but in order to do so, she has to be able to perform at the right time of the season and qualify for state at the district meet.

Others to Watch for:

Lillie Goodson - Trout Lake: Placed eighth in the 800 and third in the 3,200 at the 1B state track meet last spring.

Joanna Peck - Trout Lake: Placed eighth in the 1,600 and fourth in the 3,200 at the 1B state track meet last spring.

Sarah Overfield - Evergreen Lutheran: Placed 10th in the 800 and the 1,600 at the 1B state track meet last spring.

Anela Dixon - Puget Sound Adventist: Placed sixth in the 1,600 at the 1B state track meet last spring.

Geneva Boersema - Shoreline Christian: Placed eighth in the 3,200 at the 1B state track meet.

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