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Runner Profile: Eisenhower's Jonas Price

After a weekend full of 5k invites, Eisenhower's Jonas Price drew the most attention around the state at the Fort Steilacoom Invite with a new course record time of 14:50.

Eisenhower's Jonas Price. Photo courtesy of Jonas Price.

Last fall, Price finished up as the runner-up at the 4A state cross meet. In his sophomore season, he finished fifth in the same race.

As Price is now the top runner in Washington, he has made his mark across the nation as one of the best in the country. He has earned himself this week's interview for our runner profile.

How did it feel to break 15 minutes for the first time?

"It felt great! It was a huge goal for me this season."

How has the recruiting process been so far and what schools are interested?

"The recruiting process has been great to me. I haven’t ran into any obstacles so far. I’ve been looking at schools all over the West Coast, but I don’t want to say who just yet."

What is race day like for you?

"Racing is test of strength for me. It’s to see how hard I can push myself to reach my goals."

Explain the tape on the wrists you wear while racing and the meaning behind it.

"The tape on the wrist is just a reminder for us to use our arms. At Eisenhower, technique is everything so that’s why we wear it."

What is your pre-race meal the night before?

"I usually go for a pasta dish of any types."

What is your favorite course in the state, or out of state?

"My favorite course in state is the Sun Fair course in Yakima and my favorite out of state course is the NXR course in Boise, Idaho."

What do you plan to study next fall?

"I’m planning on studying physical sciences to become a physical therapist."

What's it been like running for your dad, Robert Price?

"It’s been great running for my dad! He’s been an inspiration for me my whole running career and I wouldn’t be as good of a runner if it wasn’t for him."

Name your fondest memory of running and why.

"My fondest memory of running is my first race my freshman year because it was the first time in an Eisenhower singlet.

What has running taught you?

"Running has taught me that working hard pays off and to be tough in your worst moments."

If you a had theme song, what would it be and why?

"Tokyo Drift, because I have to go fast."

Any advice for younger runners?

"My advice for younger runners is to be patient. If you work hard your time will come to shine."

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