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Nooksack's Clabaugh and Harlan Win Big in 800

Sedro-Woolley - Logan Clabaugh and Alyce Harlan of Nooksack Valley won the 800 in dominating fashion beating their opponents both by 14 seconds in their races at Sedro-Woolley High School.

Clabaugh ran a personal best time of 2:07.9 beating out Sedro-Woolley's Ben Peden. Clabaugh went back to back 63 second laps to run a very even 800 race. His previous best time was 2:13 from last season at the 1A District meet.

Logan Clabaugh

In the girl's race, Harlan took her first lap in 69 seconds, on pace to break the Nooksack Valley girl's 800 record. Unfortunately, she couldn't keep the same pace throughout her 2nd lap and had to settle for a 80 second 2nd lap split as she finished in 2:29.3.

Harlan also won the girl's 3200 meter race in 13:21.4.

Other top boy's from Nooksack included Nate Snow and Eric Riley placing 2nd in their respective races. Snow ran 4:54.1 in the 1600, while Riley ran a personal best 11:15.3 in the 3200.

Other top girl's from Nooksack were Brooke DeBeeld in the 1600 and 3200 placing 3rd in both and Lily Snow placing 2nd in the 3200 as she ran a personal best time of 13:40.2.

Sedro-Woolley's Kristen Garcia won the 1600 as Sedro's only girl to win a race in 5:17.6. Rafe Holz (4:48) and Lachlan Boyd (11:05) were the winners for the Sedro boy's in the 1600 and 3200.



800: 1st Logan Clabaugh (2:07.9, Nooksack Valley), 2nd Ben Peden (2:21.9, Sedro-Woolley), 3rd Kalin Adkerson (2:26.9, Sedro-Woolley)

1600: 1st Rafe Holz (4:48.8, Sedro-Woolley), 2nd Nate Snow (4:54.1, Nooksack Valley), 3rd Arlin Holder (5:08.8, Nooksack Valley)

3200: 1st Lachlan Boyd (11:05.8, Sedro-Woolley), 2nd Eric Riley (11:15.3, Nooksack Valley), 3rd Logan Clabaugh (11:30.3, Nooksack Valley)


800: 1st Alyce Harlan (2:29.3, Nooksack Valley), 2nd Kenzi Schrader (2:43.2, Sedro-Woolley), 3rd Sienna Smith (2:53.4, Sedro-Woolley)

1600: 1st Kristen Garcia (5:17.6, Sedro-Woolley), 2nd Lauren Benham (5:44.9, Sedro-Woolley), 3rd Brooke DeBeeld (5:55, Nooksack Valley)

3200: 1st Alyce Harlan (13:21.4, Nooksack Valley), 2nd Lily Snow (13:40.2, Nooksack Valley), 3rd Brooke DeBeeld (13:45.5, Nooksack Valley)

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