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Meridian Boys and Girls Claim All Distances Events at Blaine

With no big surprise, it was the Meridian Trojans boys and girls "running" away at the meet up at Blaine High School yesterday.

On the boys side, juniors Jensen Ellars and Jaskaran Dhatt of the Trojans went 1-2 in the 800 going 2:12.28 and 2:14.16. The race was not even close from the start as the next finisher after Dhatt trailed 9 seconds behind him. Blaine's top 800 runner was junior Trevor Freeland, finishing third in 2:23.06.

Jaskaran Dhatt (304) and Jensen Ellars (305) competing in the NWC Cross Country Championships last fall. Photo taken by the Lynden Tribune.

The 1600 top 4 runners would be all Meridian Trojans. Dhatt led the way with a time of 4:50.20, followed by junior Abbas Theophilus (4:57.09), senior Kenny Barnes (5:07.15), and junior Nathan Schneider (5:08.23). Finishing in fifth was Mount Baker's freshman Nico Johnson in 5:13.97.

Meridian had another 1-2 duo in the 3200 as Schneider and Barnes led the going 10:31.54 and 10:53.47. The only other runner in this race was Blaine's freshman Tommy Olinger-Stirrat.

The Meridian girls were led by junior McKenna Holz as she won both the 800 and 1600 in convincing fashion going 2:51 and 6:13. Mount Baker's top runner of the meet was freshman Shay Knutson going 6:33 in the 1600 and 2:59 in the 800. Taylee McCormick led all Borderite ladies in both races running 3:03 and .



800- 1st Jensen Ellars (2:12.28, Meridian), 2nd Jaskaran Dhatt (2:14.16), 3rd Trevor Freeland (2:23.06, Blaine)

1600- 1st Jaskaran Dhatt (4:50.2, Meridian), 2nd Abbas Theophilus (4:57.09, Meridian), 3rd Kenny Barnes (5:07.15, Meridian)

3200- 1st Nathan Schneider (10:31.54, Meridian), 2nd Kenny Barnes (10:53.47, Meridian), 3rd Tommy Olinger-Stirrat (14:14.72, Blaine)


800- 1st McKenna Holx (2:51.17), 2nd Shay Knutson (2:59.25, Mount Baker), 3rd Taylee McCormick (3:03.54, Blaine)

1600- 1st McKenna Holz (6:13.01, Meridian), 2nd Kayley Betancourt (6:27.94, Meridian), 3rd Taylee McCormick (6:28.47, Blaine)

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