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Lynden and LC Boys Off To a Hot Start in First Meet and Nooksack's DeBeeld Wins Two Races

On a clear sunny day out in Lynden, it couldn't have been a better day to have the first track meet of the season. With little wind and moderate heat, both Lynden school impressed on the boys side.

Lynden's Tate Hutchins looked to be in mid-season form already as the junior blew away the competition in the 1600 in a time of 4:35.77. Hutchins went out with no fear at the beginning of the race running 29 seconds for his first 200 and then settling into a solid pace for the rest of it. Finishing behind Hutchins in second place was Lynden Christian's Brooks DeWaard, who is battling and achilles injury, in 4:47.27. Nooksack's top miler today was sophomore Logan Claubaugh running a time of 4:57.29 placing him 5th in the race.

Tate Hutchins (506) hands off the baton in the 4x4 relay at the 2A State Track meet last spring. Photo taken by the Lynden Tribune.

In the 800, Lynden's Nik Kildall left nothing in the tank after cranking out a 55 second first lap, finishing with a time of 2:05.68. Running by himself for the entire race, Kildall became very fatigued at the end but was able to run a solid time to get him the victory his in 800 debut this year.

To the 3200, it was LC's Eric Steiger stealing the show running a time of 10:00.35, winning by more then a minute. The LC senior, only in his second season of track, ran very evenly throughout the entire race running 1:13-1:15 second splits each lap. Lynden's top finisher was senior Roscoe Perry in 11:03.41 and Nooksack's was senior Arlin Holder in 11:20.05.

On the girls side, it took two come from behinds wins for Nooksack's senior Brooke DeBeeld. After finishing up playing basketball in the 1A State Basketball tournament, DeBeeld had only a total of 10 days of practicing but it was enough for her to win both the 800 and 1600.

DeBeeld was trailing behind Lynden's Korneljia Houston in the 1600 for about 1400 meters of the race until DeBeeld put on the wheels at the end to win the race in 5:55.01. Houston finished over a second behind Nooksack's top runner in 5:56.28. Lynden Christian's top girl was senior Ashley Lingbloom with a time of 6:24.19.

DeBeeld was also trailing behind Lynden's freshman Frances Perry until the very last 100 meters when she finally took off at the end to take the victory in 2:47.73. Perry finished her high school track debut with a time of 2:51.30.

Brooke DeBeeld (338) running in last years NWC Cross Country Championships. Photo taken by the Lyndne Tribune.

There were only two girls in the 3200 race and it was all LC as the Lady Lyncs scored well for their team with Lingbloom taking the dub in 13:55.49, followed by her teammate junior Cindy German running 14:21.42.

All three teams will be back in action next week as Lynden will travel to Burlington Edison, Nooksack will host, and LC is at Anacortes. But, you can catch all three teams again at the annual Bedlington Twilight Invite next Friday at Lynden High School starting at 3:30.

Boys Results:

800- 1st Nik Kildall (2:05.68, Lynden), 2nd Tj VanderYacht (2:22.22, Lynden), 3rd Logan Claubaugh (2:24.43, Nooksack Valley)

1600- 1st Tate Hutchins (4:35.77, Lynden), 2nd Brooks DeWaard (4:47.27, Lynden Christian), 3rd Isaiah Ellis (4:52.74, Lynden)

3200- 1st Eric Steiger (10:00.35), 2nd Roscoe Perry (11:03.41, Lynden), 3rd Arlin Holder (11:20.05, Nooksack Valley)

Girls Results:

800- Brooke DeBeeld (2:47.73, Nooksack Valley), 2nd Frances Perry (2:51.30, Lynden), 3rd Grace Holzer (3:06.26, Lynden)

1600- Brooke DeBeeld (5:55.01, Nooksack Valley), 2nd Kornejia Houston (5:56.28, Lynden) 3rd Ashley Lingbloom (6:24.19, Lynden Christian)

3200- 1st Ashley Lingbloom (13:55.49, Lynden Christian) 2nd Cindy German (14:21.42, Lynden Christian)

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