Interviews with The Runner WA: Borah's Nathan Green

Borah Senior Joins For An Exclusive Interview with The Runner WA

The No. 1 high school distance running recruit in the nation hasn't had the easiest journey throughout his young career.

Nathan Green was lining up at the start of the Bob Firman Invite his junior year last season, and when the race was about to get under way, he noticed an unusual pain in his chest.

After clearing the hills on the Eagle Island course in Boise, Green dropped out of the race and was not able to finish.

Green and his family went to the nearby hospital soon after in Boise in hope of figuring out what was wrong.

Few hours later, doctors returned with his MRI results and diagnosed him a heart murmur, an abnormality of blood flow to the heart.

Green took the next few weeks off of running, and it felt like he may never return to his normal, running self again.

Doctors were able to finally clear Green to run again and he was back out racing against some of Idaho's best.

In his first race back Green was very nervous and didn't know what to expect going in given the fact he hadn't raced in so long. Little did he know though he was going to have the race of his life.

Green posted a 15:00 5k time at a Boise City Meet in front of friends and family, all watching nervously for their favorite runner to succeed.

It was easily the biggest confidence booster of his career and he felt he could do so much more.

A few week's later, Green would go on to win his second consecutive cross country state title.

When December rolled around, he finished 11th at Nike Cross Nationals earning his second consecutive All-American honors.

No heart murmur was going to stop Green from becoming the runner he was meant to be.

Flash forward a year later, Green continues to prove he is the best runner in the nation.

Just a few weeks after his recent signing to run for Head Coach Andy Powell and the University of Washington Huskies Cross Country and Track teams, Green ran supposedly the fastest 5k time ever in the history of Idaho High School Cross Country posting a 14:54 at a tri-meet in Boise.

Nathan Green was kind enough to join Keenan Gray of The Runner WA for an exclusive interview about his recent race, but to also talk about his journey from what was a life threatening incident to his running career.

Watch the full interview below with Nathan Green:


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