Day 3 Recap of 2A State Track

Tahoma - On the final day of the high school track season in the state of Washington, there were numerous state champions, outstanding performances by all the athletes, and one impressive record breaking performance. As for Whatcom County, 5 athletes brought home medals for their schools.

Lucas Cunningham Knocks Off Tate Hutchins for 2nd in 800

Sehome's Lucas Cunningham was following the shadow of Lynden's Tate Hutchins in the 800 throughout the entire season, but when it came down to one final race, Cunningham performed well at the right time.

The Sehome junior went on to place 2nd in the 2A 800 Meter State Final yesterday running a personal best time of 1:55.2.

Hutchins took the first lap of the race out in 55 seconds, with Cunningham trailing behind in 3rd. While on the back stretch, Hutchins started to show signs of fatigue. Right then, Cunningham saw an opportunity to pass the Lynden star.

"That was probably the hardest race I have ever run," said Cunningham. "I knew with 300 to go I needed to finish. I just wanted to hold on and run as fast as I could and stay in range of the race."

He jokingly also mentioned he didn't want to die on the final 100 meters, but it was well worth it at the end becoming the 2nd best 800 meter runner in the state at the 2A level for 2018.

"Everything has paid of this season, and I am excited to come back next year in both cross and track and just keep at it."

Toppenish's Anthony Sanchez won the 2A 800 in 1:53.91 for a personal best time.

Cameron Hodges Places 3rd in 800

Sehome sophomore Cameron Hodges battled for an entire 2 laps against Anacortes's Heather Hanson in the state 2A final and she comes away with a 3rd place finish at Mount Tahoma High School yesterday.

Hodges went with Hanson the first lap running a comfortable pace the first 200 meters, then Hanson started to pick up the pace on the homestretch passing through in a 67 second first lap.

Hanson, who placed 2nd in last year's 2A State 800 final, turned on the wheels with 250 meters to go knowing she really wanted to win this race. Hodges responded with her going at the same rate. Hodges would be sitting in 2nd place right now with less than 200 meters to go.

Turning down the final 100 meters, Hanson was well on her way to win the 800 title and Hodges falls back into third after being passed by Ellensburg's Audrey Piacsek. Hodges goes on to run 2:17.03.

Last spring, Hodges ran in the 2A State 800 final as a freshman and would finish in 4th behind former Sehome standout Abby Johnson.

Bellingham's Brown Finishes High School Career on a High Note

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