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Day 1 Recap - 1A Districts at Sultan

Sultan - Lynden Christian's senior duo finished 1st and 2nd in the 1A boy's 1600 meter district race yesterday at Sultan High School, with Eric Steiger taking the win for the Lyncs.

Steiger ran 4:30.1 for a new personal best time and Brooks DeWaard trailed by .55 tenths of a second to finish in 4:30.65, his personal best as well.

Meridian's Abbas Theophilus placed 3rd (4:36.94), Jaskran Dhatt placed 6th (4:38.16), and Kenny Barnes placed 7th (4:39.24). All three ran personal best marks.

Nooksack's Logan Clabaugh finished in 4th with a 3 second P.R. running 4:37.88. Clabaugh was in 7th with 200 meters to go but passed 3 other runners on the final stretch of the race.

In the girl's race, King's standout Naomi Smith took the district crown running 5:14.05, but it Nooksack's Alyce Harlan as Whatcom Counties top finisher in the race placing 2nd in 5:21.49.

Harlan trailed the number 2 spot behind South Whidbey's Kaia Swegler Richmond for the first 3 laps, but with 250 meters to go, Harlan accelerated on the back stretch to put herself 30 meters behind Richmond, and then finally out kicked the South Whidbey freshman on the final 100 meters. Harlan would close in 76 on her final lap.

Meridian's Ashlee Van Den Top was the only other Whatcom County runner to place in the top 8th as she finished in 4th running 5:29.89.

1600 Meter Final


1. Eric Steiger, Lynden Christian - 4:30.1

2. Brooks DeWaard, Lynden Christian - 4:30.65

3. Abbas Theophilus, Meridian - 4:36.94

4. Logan Clabaugh - Nooksack Valley - 4:37.88

5. Callahan Yale, South Whidbey - 4:37.9

6. Jaskaran Dhatt, Meridian - 4:38.16

7. Kenny Barnes, Meridian - 4:39.24

8. Anthony Hart, King's - 4:39.46


1. Naomi Smith, King's - 5:14.05

2. Alyce Harlan, Nooksack Valley - 5:21.49

3. Kaia Swegler Richmond, South Whidbey - 5:22.45

4. Ashlee Van Den Top, Meridian - 5:29.89

5. Elizabeth Donnelly, South Whidbey - 5:30.19

6. Allison Perrow, King's - 5:36.24

7. Jenae McInnes, King's - 5:44.94

8. Analia Johnson, Cedar Park Christian (Bothell) - 5:46.15

800 Meter Qualifiers


Cameron Chew, King's

Jensen Ellars, Meridian

John DenHartog, Lynden Christian

Callahan Yale, South Whidbey

Peter Adams, Mount Baker

Anthony Hart, King's

Obed Cushing, Sultan

Matthew Schaefer, Cedar Park Christian (Bothell)


Ashlee Van Den Top, Meridian

Elizabeth Donnelly, South Whidbey

McKenna Holz, Meridian

Emma Kosche, Cedar Park Christian (Bothell)

Brooke DeBeeld, Nooksack Valley

Allison Perrow, King's

Emily Schneider, Meridian

Kelly Murnane, South Whidbey

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