Analysis: Way Too Early Boys Teams Power Rankings for 2020 XC Season

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

With the track and field season being cancelled this spring due to the Coronavirus pandemic, cross country has stepped in and has become the season we are eager for.

What teams will fall through on these rankings? The Runner WA's Keenan Gray gives you a full analysis on each school.

And because we are all so eager to get back out and race one another, what better way to get everyone excited for this coming fall than to look at our 2020 Way Too Early Cross Country Power Rankings.

1. Arlington

- Arlington has been known for producing great individual runners, but has never put together a strong enough team to win a state team title. If everything falls into place, meaning Aiden Emerson places top five and everyone else is healthy, the Eagles could make school history next season.

2. West Valley (Yakima)

- Much like Arlington, West Valley's top returners will all be seniors this fall. Brayden Packard may have not performed to his capability at the state meet last season, but he's a fantastic runner based off what he has done in previous races, putting himself in the conversation to win the individual 4A state title. West Valley's chances of winning a state team title not only falls on the three other seniors shoulders, but Max Hutton's as well.

3. Newport (Bellevue)

- Newport returns all seven of their state participants from last fall. So there should be no reason why they can't win a state team title, right? The Knights need a couple runners to break the 16 minute barrier to give themselves a chance at taking down West Valley and last years champion, Camas. If there are some individuals that can do that, it's Brett Hanley and Brent Nakashima.

4. Camas

- Sam Geiger and Evan Jenkins are the two of the top runners at the 4A level and are capable of going first and second at the state meet, but there's more to be accomplished for these two. Three words: Repeat. Team. Title. Of course everyone is going to be focus on beating Camas, which will eventually fuel them with more fire to chase after another state team title for a second consecutive year.

5. Interlake

- If your Interlake's coach, you have to love seeing the 19.2 second spread between your top five runners. With that kind of pack running, you can win just about any meet as a team. But just like Newport, Interlake needs some guys to run in the 15 minute range, so hopefully these cross town schools can push each other in big time meets. The Saints are a dark-horse team in the making for the 3A level.

6. Jackson

- Jackson had a really good meet at the 4A state championships, but there was four other schools that were better than them that day. That's not a dis to the Timberwolves, that's actually gives them something to look forward to this coming fall. Brendan Charbeneau is a legit talent, and Jackson has always produced well balanced runners which then leads to success at the state meet.

7. Sehome