"All They Saw was Purple"- Anacortes too Much for Bellingham & Blaine

Bellingham, WA - If famous USC quarterback Todd Marinovich was in attendance at this cross country meet, he would probably repeat the same statement he made 28 years ago after a 31-0 defeat to the Washington Huskies football team, "All I saw was purple."

Logan Hanrahan of Anacortes finishing at the Coeur d'Alene Invite last Saturday, September 15, 2018. (Keenan Gray/The Runner)

Indeed, that is all Bellingham and Blaine saw yesterday at Lake Padden. For the 2.6 mile race, the Anacortes Seahawks boys cross country team had runners finish in 9 of top 10 spots and scoring 18 points to beat Bellingham and Blaine in a Northwest Conference Dual.

Junior Logan Hanrahan led all Seahawks with a first place finish running 14:13, followed by a 2nd place from senior Patrick Weldman with a time of 14:25.

Bellingham's Jenson Kintzele eventually broke the purple streak with a 3rd place finish in 14:29, the Red Raiders top runner. Then came the rest of purple jerseys.

The other top 10 finishers from Anacortes were Logan Scamfer (4th), Michael Hanrahan (5th), Ryan Horr (6th), Josh Smeltzer (7th), Alex Miller (8th), Blake Martens (9th), and Gabe Apple (10th).

Junior Aiden Simpson of Blaine was the Borderites top finisher running 17:29 for a 24th place finish.

The girls race saw the total opposite as it was all Bellingham led by senior Annika Reiss. Reiss finished 1st with a time of 15:38, her 3rd win of the cross country season. The Red Raiders scored 21 points to beat Anacortes by 26 points.

Bellingham had 5 more top 10 finishers, along with Reiss. Those include Grace Much (3rd), Livi Lackland Henry (4th), Skye Saling (5th), Piper Brown (6th), and Lily Koplowitz-Fleming (9th)

Senior Saville Feist from Anacortes finished in 2nd for the Seahawks running 15:53. Junior Jenny Hanson and sophomore Abigail Hogge went 5th and 10th for the Seahawks other top 10 runners.

Blaine's Eleeshiyah Faulkner led all Borderites with a 8th place finish and a time of 18:58.

The Borderites make their next meet appearance at the Silver Lake Invite on Saturday and Bellingham and Anacortes have the weekend off.


2.6 Miles

Boys - Anacortes (18), Bellingham (45), Blaine (85)


1. Logan Hanrahan (14:13, Anacortes), 2. Patrick Wildman (14:25, Anacortes), 3. Jenson Kintzele (14:29, Bellingham), 4. Logan Scamfer (14:50, Anacortes), 5. Michael Hanrahan (14:51, Anacortes), 6. Ryan Horr (14:55, Anacortes), 7. Josh Smeltzer (14:57, Anacortes), 8. Alex Miller (14:58, Anacortes), 9. Blake Marten (15:07, Anacortes), 10. Gabe Apple (15:15, Anacortes)

Girls - Bellingham (21), Anacortes (47), Blaine (66)

1. Annika Reiss (15:38, Bellingham), 2. Saville Feist (15:53, Anacortes), 3. Grace Much (16:23, Bellingham), 4. Livi Lackland Henry (16:23, Bellingham), 5. Jenny Hanson (17:50, Anacortes), 6. Skye Saling (18:03, Bellingham), 7. Piper Brown (18:17, Bellingham), 8. Eleeshiyah Faulkner (18:58, Baline), 9. Lily Kiplowitz-Fleming (19:01, Bellingham), 10. Abigail Hogge (19:02, Anacortes)

For more results, visit: https://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/Results/Meet.aspx?Meet=144645&show=all

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