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2020 Idaho Boy's XC Preview

As high school cross country is being put on hold in Washington until this spring, I needed a way to produce more content, specifically covering meets and invites.

Our neighbors to the east in Idaho have high school sports going on, and meets have even started this week.

For this fall, The Runner WA will be traveling to the Potato State with the intention of covering high school cross country in Idaho. It will be a new experience and I can't wait for the opportunity to get started.

With that being said, to get you familiar with Idaho's best, here are five lists of the top runners in each classification from Idaho to watch for this fall on the boys side.




Connor Gardner, Liberty Charter (15:48, 5th at State)

Garrett Christensen, Valley (16:16.4, 4th at State)

Ian Stockett, Victory Charter (16:17.7, 6th at State)

Kyle Christensen, Valley (16:48.2, 7th at State)

Leo Magana, Oakley (16:50.1, 8th at State)

Leland McAbee, The Ambrose School (16:04.2, 9th at State)

Carson Sellers, Timberline (Weippe) (16:51.35, 10th at State)


Johnathon Simmons, Salmon (15:56.6, 1st at State)

Keller Brothers, Salmon (16:25.5, 3rd at State)

Hyrum Spencer, West Jefferson (16:25.7, 4th at State)

Treygan Bragg, Salmon (16:31.1, 5th at State)

Max Palmer, North Fremont (16:34.9, 6th at State)

Josh Leavitt, Melba (16:05.2, 16th at State)

Carter McCullough, Soda Springs (16:43.88, 8th at State)


Owen Rogers, Gooding (16:12, 3rd at State)

Logan Davis, Coeur d'Alene Charter (16:29, 21st at State)

Tanner Dupree, Sugar-Salem (16:50.9, 7th at State)

Lincoln High, Snake River (16:54, 9th at State)

Brigham Dalling, Sugar-Salem (16:58.1, 10th at State)

Parker Dupree, Sugar-Salem (16:58.3, 11th at State)

Aidan Alley, Sugar-Salem (16:58.3, 12th at State)


Zac Bright, Idaho Falls (15:23.3, 1st at State)

Mitchell Athay, Idaho Falls (15:30.5, 3rd at State)

Tyler Mesaros, Bishop Kelly (15:50.46, 7th at State)

Sam Jeppsen, Preston (15:38.7, 6th at State)

Nikolai Braedt, Sandpoint (15:35, 34th at State)

William Richardson, Kuna (15:39.2, 23rd at State)

Shane Gard, Pocatello (15:48.4, 20th at State)


Nathan Green, Borah (15:00, 1st at State, 11th at NXN)

Hayden Bostrom, Timberline (Boise) (15:32.1, 3rd at State)

Will Dixon, Madison (15:43.38, 4th at State)

Marcus Heemeyer, Rocky Mountain (15:43, 13th at State)

Tyler Demasters, Meridian (16:09.84, 7th at State)

Seth Bingham, Thunder Ridge (16:35.49, 8th State)

Jared Harden, Highland (16:10.6, 12th at State)

Top 10 Teams

1. Idaho Falls

2. Rocky Mountain

3. Madison

4. Timberline (Boise)

5. Preston

6. Sandpoint

7. Kuna

8. Pocatello

9. Borah

10. Mountain View


Editor's Note: The Idaho cross country boy's preview was compiled by cross country and track and field analyst Keenan Gray based off last year's times and results.